Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Embrace your space series intro

Embrace your space, a journey to a happy home.

Your home is a reflection of who you are.  It is a reflection of where you are right now, it tells the story of your life.  As you look around...is it a story that you like?  What does you home say about you?  How does your home make you feel?

When I had my first child, my home told the story of who I was at that moment.  Sleep deprived, unmotivated, diaper buyer and bottle washer.  Not to mention the fact that an infant was in the house and I had a swing, baby seat, infant car seat, cradle and goodness knows what else laying around our small townhouse.  My house told my story very clearly.  As our family grew and the kids were young, our house told of games we played, what the boys favorite toys were and how creative Jacob was as an artist. (on and off the walls)

Now my house reflects more of me but still tells the story of the lives we are living.  Two teenage boys that play sports, an 8 year old daughter that loves barbies and changing clothes but most of that is now contained to their rooms.  My house reflects my family's personality too.  Nothing formal, comfortable and casual with plenty of room to relax. 

Can your house affect your mood?  Absolutely.  So embrace your space and create a home that tells a story you enjoy.  Join me for my Embrace your Space series, room by room ideas and philosophies that will help make your home the sanctuary it should be.

A good home must be made not bought.
                                                  ~Joyce Maynard

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