Tuesday, May 11, 2010

teenager's room part 1

I have two teenage boys that share a room.  We have enough bedrooms that they could each have their own room but I want them to be together.  I like that they have to work things out and don't have the option of going into their room and slamming the door on each other. 

We had to get new beds...my 15 year old is 6'3" and growing so the twin beds with a head and foot board weren't working anymore.  I looked everywhere for what I wanted.  So after 2 months of shopping I decided to just make the beds myself.  I wanted the room be their hang out so storage under the beds allowed us to get rid of other furniture.

This is a process so I will keep you updated as we go.  I found bedding and painted the room first.  Next I layed out the bed measurements and the drawers.  Here are the beds.

Teenagers need an entertainment center

Sheving under the window is for trophys and pictures with
storage underneath.

Stay tuned for part 2!
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