Saturday, January 23, 2010

Define your Style!

I want to make my own imprint on life, which suggests I know exactly how to express my individual style...but do I?  Do you?

 I had a couple that wanted help decorating the main rooms of their home.  We sat down for our first consultation and I asked them what their style was.  They looked at each other and then looked at me and shrugged.  They didn't know how to answer, they weren't sure how to define it. 

Do you know how to define your style?  Have some fun and consider the possiblities!  No rules here (we will worry about those later) so don't worry about making the wrong choice, just dream!

Write down 10 must haves for your main living space.  How do you want to feel in the space?  How do you use the room?  Do you want a big comfy chair to curl up in and read, a room to play games in with your kids, a hang out to watch the big game? 

Do you like light and airy rooms?  White furniture, faded colors and texture with a vintage feel. 

Are you more tradtional or modern?  Do you like clean lines or layers of textures and accessories?

 Maybe Old-World European decor full of character and sophistication appeals to you. 

I know you have heard this before but look at magazines and create an idea folder.  You don't have to have everything at once, the best homes are made not bought.  Develop a plan to avoid costly mistakes.  (This is where an Interior Decorator can help)  Set priorities and tackle one project at a time.   Get a notebook and write down measurements, take this with you when you go shopping.  Don't buy anything you don't love, I don't care what the sale price is.  Get rid of things that don't work in your space.  Donate or sell items to make room for your vision.

Now have a reality check.  Your project isn't a design show on TV, the results won't be instant.  It is always a process so be prepared to take your time and have fun.  Trust will be worth it!

because home is where your story begins.....Kelly

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