Friday, January 8, 2010

Ready for a change?

Are you a little restless? Looking for a change but not sure what you want to change? Well join the club. I have several projects that I really want to start...remodel my master bath, put new tile floor in kitchen, paint my trim black and the list goes on and on. I also have a few projects in the works, building furniture for my boys bedroom (just need to put the finishing touches on) reorganizing my office (nightmare) and cleaning out the garage (an ongoing project that never seems to end).
So yes....I am a little restless.

When my job is to organize projects for other people, I tend to get behind on my own. Then add in 3 kids that all have activities and homework plus a husband that travels some and I end up getting nothing finished.

Here is where I should follow my own advice.

Prioritize projects
Your house is the biggest financial and emotional investment you will ever have. Take care of it, make it your home. Figure out what will make you happy and go for it.

My priority is my office. It is my creative space, the room where my inspiration and vision boards are. When it is organized, I get so much more accomplished. I rarely do something just for me but this is the year that I am changing that. The other projects will get done too, but all my focus is going to my office until it is complete. That is the secret; when you prioritize you don't spread yourself thin with 4 or 5 projects. You have all of your attention on one and it becomes much easier to complete. I will take you on my journey to complete my office and hopefully inspire you along the way.

So what is your priority? Come on let’s do it together!

because home is where your story begins......kelly

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