Monday, January 18, 2010

Married Monday

I plan weddings, beautiful, charming, romantic weddings. I love LOVE. I work with brides that have planned their weddings since they were young girls, the fairy tale, over the top extravaganza. For a year the couple is focused on the ceremony and reception. It is a very exciting time for the entire family but there can be some stressful moments.

Things can get overwhelming quickly so here are some tips to get started.

Budget  A beautiful wedding is possible with any budget. You just need a plan. A realistic plan. Who is paying? What can you afford to spend? What do you want to splurge on and what can you do without?

Timeline Plan your calendar a year ahead of the wedding date if you can. I have planned a wedding in 4 months but it does create some problems with getting your first choice in venues and vendors, so be flexible.

Location Traditional religious ceremony in the bride's hometown? A charming venue? Destination? It is easier to see what weekends are available and choose a date if you have your heart set on ceremony site.

Bridal Party Who will participate in your wedding party? Ask as soon as possible so they can plan their
   calendar accordingly.

Dress Have fun. There is a dress out there for you!

Invitations How many will you send? What style?

Flowers, Photography, Color Palette The options are unlimited so try and stay focused.

Reception A sit down dinner, a cocktail party or a backyard bash, how do you want to celebrate?
Please remember a wedding is a day but your marriage is for a lifetime. Spend some time planning for that too!

Have a love filled week!


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